Fatpipe Fibre Installation

  • Every Order requires an engineer to attend at your premises to replace your existing hardware at your master internet socket. Fitting of this new master socket will require work to be carried out at your premises.  The installation of this new socket will be completed by an agent on behalf of Magnet. Magnet does not accept any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage that may occur to the Customer’s premises during this installation.
  • Prior to the installation of this new internet socket Magnet will have sent you a new modem.  Please ensure you have this modem ready to check your service once the new socket is installed.
  • When a new order is received you will be notified with an appointment date and time (AM/PM) via SMS. If you wish to reschedule this initial appointment, you can do so without charge until 12 noon on the previous working day, prior to the appointment. If you do not receive an SMS from Magnet within a week of placing the order then it’s possible the text message has failed to send. Call us on 1890-809000 to confirm your appointment.

“Installation Fee” means the fee you may be charged for the installation of the service.

“Missed Appointment Fee” means the fee you may be charged for the failure to allow an engineer to install the service on the scheduled date.

  • You will be liable to pay a cancellation/penalty charge of €45.00 to Magnet in each of the following cases;
    • If you have not provided the necessary cancellation notice period in respect of the scheduled installation;
    • If an engineer cannot gain access to your premises due to a 3rd party access issue, for example within an apartment block;
    • If you do not facilitate the engineer with access to your property on the agreed appointment date;
    • If you are not present at the premises when the engineer arrives to install the service on the scheduled date;