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Creating the future with 1,000Mbps

We’re stepping into a new era of connectivity. Project Leap by Magnet is an innovative beta project built to redefine the possibilities of fibre broadband speeds and technology over a 1,000Mbps connection.

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Creating the future

Magnet Project Leap is made possible over a revolutionary Gigabit (1000Mb) to the home ultra-fast fibre broadband connectivity that will allow us to explore what this 10x increase in speed means for our customers and their usage.

Creating the future now through Project Leap allows us to observe and experiment with this uniquely selected location in Jade, The Grange in South Dublin so that we can begin planning and imagining what future technological and usage behaviour demands we can forecast for our Fibre to the Home customers across Dublin, Meath, Laois and London.

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Ultra-fast Speed

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"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses."

- Henry Ford

1,000Mbps Down,
1,000Mbps Up

We enable this leap in speed by deploying real Gigabit Ethernet Fibre Optic connections to the customers’ homes along with Virtual LAN technology to provide the fastest, completely unlimited broadband service in Europe today.

So what can you do with 1000Mbps? (theoretically)

  • Download an HD movie in 7 seconds
  • Stream 200 HD Netflix movies simultaneously
  • Download 100 songs in 3 seconds
  • Download 200 family photos in one second
  • Make that gaming move, split seconds faster to win the game

"What else can you do?" Is exactly the question we want to explore by creating Project Leap.

Download Speed Comparison

  • 1,000Mbps
    Magnet Project Leap
  • 10Mbps
    Average Irish broadband*

Smart Living in a blossoming Smart City

We’ve seen first-hand how access to ultra-fast broadband can transform communities, we’re currently helping transform Wembley City area in London into a true Smart City with fibre deployed into commercial and residential properties. We also enabled a 20Gb direct fibre connection in Wembley Arena, home to the X-factor and recently Riot Games.

We supply 10Gb services to our business customers and our sister company Hibernia Networks supplies 100Gb services over their international fibre network.

smart living apartment
fibre optic cable
Fibre optic cable 1000Mbps
coaxial cable
Coaxial cable 150Mbps
copper cable
Copper phoneline 100Mbps

State-of-the-art Technology

Unlike other ‘fibre powered’ services, Magnet Networks is using real Gigabit Ethernet Fibre Optic connections all the way into to the customers’ homes along with Virtual LAN technology to provide the fastest, completely unlimited broadband service in Europe today.

The great thing about fibre is that it doesn’t have the speed limitations of copper or coaxial cable. For Wi-Fi and home phone we also supply a TG789 router. That router device has the fastest Wi-Fi Available today (802.11n for the techies) and Wi-Fi will run up to 60Mb depending on the interference from other electrical devices in your home. Some customers may even find that their personal connected device needs to be upgraded to experience the ultra-fast connection.

Project Leap Family Stats

Usage on average connection

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downloaded per month**

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Usage on Project Leap

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How will behavior change on 1,000Mbps?
Come back soon to find out!

Magnet Networks

Industry leading innovation

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*Based on average Irish speeds of 10.4 Mb/sec according to Akamai's State of the Internet Q4 2013. Actual Internet speed may vary.
**Based on average Magnet Networks customer with 100Mb or less connection speed.

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