Notification of update to existing residential customer pricing (01/11/13) has worked hard over the years to protect our customers from the impact of any additional 3rd party costs being passed onto you and we have prided ourselves in offering you the best possible price we can make our service available at.

Regrettably, due to recent cost changes impacting the business that are beyond Magnet’s control, as of the 1st December 2013 your monthly account charge will increase by a value of €1.25 (inc VAT).

This is the first time Magnet has had to pass on any such price change. We understand that any upward price adjustment is not favourable and assure you that we will continue to do our best to keep the cost of your service as low as possible.

We value your loyal custom and have a created a dedicated customer support team who are on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the above, please call 1890 809 000. 

Thank you and we look forward to serving you into the future.

Magnet Customer Support Team

Universal Service Regulations Note:

Under Regulation 17 (4) and Regulation 17 (5) of European Communities (Electronic Communications Networks and Services)(Universal Services and Users Rights) Regulations 2003, an operator must provide you, our customer of these terms taking effect and you, our customer, has the right to terminate your contract without penalty if you do not agree to such changes.


Installation Charges

Fatpipe Fibre connection charge €50

Router Delivery €7.99

Additional Service Points (per additional point) €60

Missed Appointments Charge of installation €45

A Service Point is any of the following:

  • A TV point including Set-Top Box for which you will pay us monthly rental of €6;
  • The connection of a wired point for broadband access.
  • Wiring or rewiring of additional telephone extensions.


Equipment Charges

ATA (Analogue Telephone Adaptor) €2 per month

Additional/Replacement Equipment Charges


Cable €12.99

TV Remote €24.99 (Charged for once customer has 12 months of active service )

Reconnection Charge €60Maintenance Charges

Call Out Charge €60
This is a charge for repeated visits to customers to repair faults that are not attributable to Magnet.

Monthly Service Charges

Magnet Packages
Service Cost
Fatpipe Fibre 24 €41.99 per month
Fatpipe Fibre 100 Vital €49.99 per month
Fatpipe Fibre100 €57.99 per month
Magnet Ultimate 100
€85.99 per month
Magnet Ultimate 60
€75.99 per month
Magnet Ultimate 30+
€65.99 per month
Magnet Ultimate 30 €57.99 per month

Magnet Choice 100
€63.99 per month
Magnet Choice 60
€53.99 per month
Magnet Choice 30
€39.99 per month
Magnet Select 30 €49.99 per month
Magnet Fibre Broadband 100 €50.00 per month
Magnet Fibre Broadband 60 €40.00 per month

Aertv Platinum  €4.99 per month


Residential Telephone Call Charges *

Telephone Call Charges
(prices quoted are per minute in Euro Cents)
Destination Day Evening Weekend
Irish Fixed Line 4.92 2.46 1.23
Irish Mobile 23.37 17.22 17.22
UK Fixed Line 12.30 11.07 9.84
USA & Canada 12.30 11.07 9.84

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