Magnet upgrades fibre-optic minimum speeds to 30Mb

Magnet Fibre Optic set to Boost Broadband  Upload and Download speeds


Magnet Networks today announced that it has upgraded its fibre optic broadband network to give customers faster broadband speeds for free.  The minimum download speed on its fibre broadband packages will increase from 5Mb to 30Mb, while minimum upload speeds will increase from 1Mb to 5Mb.

The increase will automatically apply on Magnet’s 5Mb, 10Mb, and 25Mb fibre optic packages. The company has also increased its 25Mb and 50Mb broadband services to 60Mb and 100Mb respectively, giving Irish consumers the fastest broadband available now in Ireland.

Magnet Networks CEO Mark Kellett says: “As the appetite for online video gathers pace* and subscriptions to social networking and media sharing sites show no signs of slowing, our upgrades will make using these services much easier and less frustrating for our customers. Files to YouTube and Facebook can be uploaded in a few seconds while online videos can be watched in an instant and without any annoying buffering.”

Commenting on what makes Magnet’s fibre broadband a market leader Kellett adds: “As Magnet’s fibre-optic service is a direct-to-the-home connection, even down to the ‘last mile’, there are no bottlenecks along the way to slow things down.  You could compare it to a traffic free motorway.”

Magnet’s fibre-optic broadband is offered as a standalone service with the option to combine it with phone and TV.  Magnet’s Triple play offering starts at €56.99, making it the most competitive service on the market today. The service is available in Dublin, Meath and Portlaoise.

Magnet fibre-optic broadband upgrades are as follows:

Broadband Package Previous Download Speed New Download Speed Previous Upload Speed New Upload Speed
Ultimate 5 5Mb 30Mb 1Mb 5Mb
Ultimate 10 10Mb 30Mb 4Mb 5Mb
Ultimate 25 25Mb 60Mb 8Mb 8Mb
Ultimate 50 50Mb 100Mb 8Mb 10Mb

More information as follows:

* According to research company, Parks Associates, Consumers in North America and Western Europe will spend about $16 billion for online video by 2015, Parks Associates analysts said on Wednesday that consumers are “increasingly willing to discontinue or downsize their pay-TV services while compensating by accessing video from [cable and fiberoptic] sources.” The firm said video and broadband providers must “execute innovative business strategies” to compete in the new market created by such trends. a The research firm will present the findings at a digital conference in Amsterdam in November.

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About Magnet Networks
Magnet Networks, the parent company for Magnet Entertainment and Magnet Business, has provided voice, internet and video services to the Irish marketplace since 2005.

The company has pioneered super-fast broadband in Ireland offering speeds of up to 100Mbps and owns the largest fibre network in Ireland and the UK. For more information visit Magnet Networks at