Magnet Number #1 on Netflix Speed Index for Ireland

Magnet have topped the Netflix Speed Index once again to regain the number one position. We have been working extremely hard to overtake UPC and have continued to increase our performance consistently month on month. “In Ireland, Magnet grabbed the No. 1 spot, which UPC had held since May 2014. Magnet delivered an average speed of 3.36 Mbps in August, compared with 3.25 Mbps by UPC.” – Netflix Speed Index.

Netflix Speed Index - Magnet number one fastest broadband in Ireland.

What is the Netflix Speed Index?

The Netflix ISP Speed Index is a measure of prime time Netflix performance on particular ISPs (internet service providers) around the globe, and not a measure of overall performance for other services/data that may travel across the specific ISP network.

“Topping the Netflix Speed Index chart again is a testament to our Network Team’s dedication to constantly improve our service.  We are a relatively small player in the market but our performance speaks for itself: we are ahead of the competition. UPC is the only competitor to have ever overtaken our speed since the index began in 2012 however their performance hasn’t been consistent and has been declining the last three months. In comparison our network has shown improvement every month in real peak time speeds, even as our customer base has grown. ”
– Darren O’Donohoe, Director of Network Engineering, Magnet.

Netflix Speed Index - Magnet consistently improving their broadband speed performance in Ireland.