I have no TV service

The first thing to do if you loose your TV service is to check if your phone and broadband are working.  If you have lost these services also please check the following:- Click Here If it is only your TV services alot of the times it is a loose or faulty scart lead, or the […]

I have no Phone or Broadband

If your phone and broadband services are not working it is usually 1 of 3 things….. 1) Your modem/router is not connected, has lost connectivity or is faulty.  2) There is an issue with cables or the internal wiring. 3) There is a fault on the line coming from the exchange to your premises.    […]

I have broken or faulty leads or cables

Broadband / Phone connection cables. As part of the welcome pack with your modem/router, you will receive connection cables.  Over the course of time these cables can become damaged and cause issues with your connection.  Whilst we supply the initial connection cables, we do not provide follow up replacement cables as we do not hold […]

I am a new customer, how long will it take for my services to be live?

Depending on the product ordered and the delivery method will depend on the length of time for your services to be live.  Delivery times range from 5 working days to 20 working days depending on whether we need to install a new line, which involves building a cable path from our equipment in your local […]

Connection issues

To help us solve your particular issue please tell us more about your problem. I get “limited or no connectivity” message – Click Here I have slow speeds over wi-fi connection – Click Here

I am a Simply Broadband customer, how do I configure my own router?

We give you the option to keep your existing router as part of the Simply Broadband product, so we have ensured that configuring your own router is easy!  Please follow the simple steps outlined in this document  Simply BB Customer Router Setup On the rare occasion that your router is not compatible, it may be […]

I am a Fibre To The Home customer and I have no services

There are 3 main reasons why all your services would cease to work…. 1) A power outage in your estate – this can be an issue that is resolved in conjunction with the property maintance company 2) A fibre break in your estate – on rare occasions if work is being carried out by a […]

How do I set up my Modem/Router

Firstly check to see what kind of modem/router you have.  It may be a Telsey or a Zyxel, or are you are a Simply Broadband Customer and are using your own modem? Magnet Telsey Modem Guide ZYXEL install and wireless set up Simply BB Customer Router Setup

User Guides

1)  Full TV User Guide 2)  MyMagnet User Guide 3)  Thomson Modem Guide 4)  Simply BB Customer Router Setup 5)  Magnet Telsey Modem Guide 6)  Linksys ATA install 7)  ZYXEL install and wireless set up 8)  Motorola Remote control User Manual