Many broadband lines are capable of a much higher speed than the current service being provided! Until now you couldn’t tell how much better your Internet experience could be unless you upgraded your connection. Now however Magnet have introduced Magnet Boost allowing you to increase the speed of your line to the maximum you can receive.

Magnet Boost can identify your specific line qualities and what speed you are capable of receiving. Once you click on the Boost button Magnet reconfigures your line to the maximum achievable for a specific period of time. This upgrade will allow you to download windows updates, movies etc even quicker than normal. It even allows you to continue to watch Youtube or Magnet PC TV while these files are downloaded in the background.

Magnet Boost is only available to Magnet LLU (using your phone line) broadband customers. To subscribe to Magnet or to get more information please contact us on our freephone number 1800 819 999.