Aertv FAQs

Do I need to register?

Absolutely not. The service is free to all users within the Republic of Ireland. Registering
will provide the user with certain benefits, but it is not required.

Who can register?

Anyone in agreement with the Terms and Conditions set out by Aertv can register.
To use the service 1Mb of broadband connectivity to a PC or Laptop within the
Republic of Ireland is required.

How do I register?

Go to // and click the ‘Register’
link to create an account with Aertv. You will then be asked to complete our registration
form. Once you have completed the form – being careful to ensure you have entered a valid
email address – click the ‘Submit’ button. You will then be sent an activation email to the
email address you provided. All that’s left to do is click the link on the activation email
and you’re ready to log on to the service.

How do I Log In?

Once you have registered and successfully activated your account, you’ll be free to log in
at any time. To log in, simply direct your web browser to
and click on the ‘Log in’ button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Fill out the form with
your username and password and click ‘submit’.


I didn’t get an activation mail

Check your junk / spam mail folder for an email from us. If you cannot find the email try re-registering
with the correct email address again. If this does not work please contact us to investigate further.

How do I start watching TV?

Just click on the play button in the video screen and the default channel will start playing

How do I change channel?

You can change channel by simply clicking on one of the channel logos in the TV Guide.

How long does it take to switch between live TV channels?

Normally it takes less than a second however under certain network conditions it can take anywhere
between 5 to 7 seconds to successfully change channels.

How do I mute, decrease or increase the volume on the Video Player?

You can control the volume of the player by selecting the volume menu item on the Player Control Bar
and either increasing / decreasing the volume. Clicking the volume icon will mute the Live TV Player.
Clicking it again will un-mute the volume.

How do I expand the Live TV Player to Full Screen?

You can go to full screen by selecting the full screen menu item on the bottom right of the
player control bar. You can return to window mode by clicking the full screen button once more
or by pressing the ESC key on your keyboard.

Can I watch these channels on my TV?

Yes, if your computer or laptop supports TV or A/V output or your TV supports VGA monitor inputs.
Please refer to your computer / TV manual. However please note that the service is optimised for
PC and Laptop screen sizes and therefore we cannot guarantee the quality of the viewing experience
on a TV screen.

Is there a High Quality Video Option?

At present, there are no options for higher quality video. The current Aertv platform delivers
good quality video to a PC or laptop screen at a reasonable bandwidth level to ensure that a
reliable service can be viewed from a standard broadband connection.



What can I do once I have my Twitter / Facebook feeds active?

You can send Tweets, receive Tweets sent by authors/groups you are following, update your Facebook
public message and receive updated public messages sent by your Facebook friends.


How often do I receive Tweet / Facebook Public Message, do I need to refresh the page?

The WebTV Social Networking App will check for new tweets / updates every 180 seconds.
There is no need to refresh the page.


Can I register a new Twitter / Facebook account on Aertv?

No, it’s not possible to register a new Twitter / Facebook account on WebTV. You register a new
Twitter account at and a Facebook account


Do I need a Twitter or Facebook account to view Aertv?

No, it’s not a requirement to have a Twitter or Facebook account to view Aertv.

There are some things I can do on Facebook/Twitter that I can’t do via Aertv

Aertv is continually developing and the development of our Facebook/Twitter service is one area where
we have lots of plans. We appreciate our customers input to this process so feel free to send us your
thoughts via our Contact Us section.


How do I subscribe for Add-on packs?

Subscriptions to Add-on packs are only available to Magnet broadband customers. To subscribe all you
need to do is visit the Manage My TV Packages section of the Magnet WebTV service and follow the on
screen instructions. To become a broadband customer of Magnet and enjoy all that Magnet has to offer
visit here to switch today.

How do I become a Magnet customer?

Visit here and we will help you select the right package for you.

What happens if the service doesn’t work at any stage?

Please try to answer the following questions:

      1. Is your internet connection working?
      2. Do you have at least 1Mbit downstream?
      3. Can you watch RTÉ Player / YouTube?
      4. Is your subscription still valid?
      5. If your issue is with Social Networking, can you post / receive updates or tweets on the Twitter or Facebook homepage?

If you answer yes to all of the above and your service is still not working, send us a message telling
us what’s not working using the Contact Us section of site.

I can’t see the Live TV service

If this persists for more than 20 seconds it is possible that your version of Adobe Flash Player needs
to be upgraded. Please click on the following link to visit Adobe and follow the instructions to download
the latest player – Adobe Flash Player Updates

The quality of the Live TV Service is poor

There are a number of reasons why you might experience poor quality reception. These include:

Slow Broadband Connection?

Aertv needs a 1Mb broadband connection to view the live TV part of the service. Our line checker will be able
to tell you what speed you have. Visit

Your PC / Laptop is not capable of supporting live streaming

Although Aertv runs on a standard web browser using the standard Adobe Flash Player plug in, it will consume
some of your computer’s resources to play Live TV. Older computers may have difficulty. If you experience the
same issues with services such as the RTE’s Player or YouTube, perhaps it is time to upgrade your machine. See
an authorised PC/Laptop agent for further advice.

Your choice of Internet Browser

Certain versions of Internet Explorer may not present the best possible viewing experience. This issue
does not arise in other browsers including Firefox or Chrome. If you wish to try the service using these
browsers, log out of your existing Aertv session.

Visit or
to download either of these browsers. Follow the on screen instructions provided by these sites to download.

Enter the // address in your new browsers link bar and log in as normal.

Getting in contact with Aertv

You can use the Contact Us section of the Aertv site to submit a query directly to the support team.

If you are not able to log in, please send us an email detailing your name, email address and user name