Working from Home during the Dublin Bus Strikes

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Working from home is becoming more common in Ireland fueled by more flexible HR policies, improved broadband connectivity and cloud based applications such as a hosted PBX phone system. Working from home soars on days when severe weather warnings loom and transport workers are on strike. We chatted to a new customer of ours who opted to work from home for the first time during last week’s Dublin Bus Strikes.

“It wasn’t feasible for me to get a train or Luas as I’m not close to those modes of transport and I was dreading the thoughts of a two and half hour round trip to get to the office. Magnet had recently installed their cloud based phone system in our company and I heard that some of my colleagues had already used it to work from home so I decided to give it a go.

I called our Account Manager in Magnet and asked them what I needed to do to set up my telephone at home. It was as easy as bringing my headphones home and downloading a softphone to my laptop. All I needed was my home broadband.

I was able to do a normal days work as if I was sitting at my desk. I stayed connected to my customers and colleagues and could make, take and transfer calls the same as I would do normally. I felt I actually got more done. I was very impressed with how easy it was and will certainly be making use of it during the rest of the strikes and I know that I have a reliable option if we get heavy snow this winter.”
– Brendan, Sales Executive, Wicklow.


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