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Working from home is becoming more common in Ireland fueled by more flexible HR policies, improved broadband connectivity and cloud based applications such as a hosted PBX phone system. Working from home soars on days when severe weather warnings loom and transport workers are on strike. We chatted to a new customer of ours who […]

Browsers are a menial and boring thing to think about, do you really care what one can do better than the other or which uses more memory? I am here to tell you that you should care and you will by the end of this article. I will guide you through each browser that matters […]

Whether you’re innovating from Day 1 or Day 1001 it’s never too early or too late to make small innovative decisions. What is a Small Innovation? A small innovation can be anything from choosing to use recycled paper in an energy efficient printer to choosing a smarter cloud based phone system. Innovation comes in many […]

Why are so many smart business owners offering free wi-fi without any payback? Businesses who engage with their customers either by email or via social media generate 20% more revenue on the days that emails are sent versus the days that they are not – which would appear to make communicating with your customers a […]

There are lots of cybercrime and hacking terms that get thrown around but do you know what they mean? And do you know whether your business is protected from malware? First off malware is software that is written specifically to harm and infect a computer or a computer network. Malware has many forms including viruses, adware, […]

Stuart Borgman Director of Cyber Security Engineering for Palo Alto Networks will be exploring the evolution of cybercrime, fingerprinting attackers and more at the Cyber Security Briefing on June 15th in The Aviva Stadium. Register now to attend Magnet’s Cyber Security Briefing for free, book early as places are limited, breakfast included. The Roots of Cybercrime […]

The first stage in creating a website has little to do with html! Step one requires you to sign up and publish your site with a web hosting provider before people can view your site. Web hosting services work by storing your website files in web servers which are connected to lightning fast networks. When […]

Many businesses would agree that a functioning and reliable phone service is the lifeblood of their business as it ensures they can reach out to current and potential customers and can be contacted when needed. A phone service is the best way beyond a face to face meeting to engage at a personal level and […]

Startup fever was in full swing with Startup Ireland’s nationwide Startup Gathering at the beginning of October which hosted over 400 events. The week kicked off by welcoming over 350 key stakeholders in the Google Foundry Building in Dublin; policy makers, enterprise boards, large corporations and startups themselves. With such an unprecedented number of events […]

Ireland is well known for being host to a large number of global companies like Google and Intel, but the country could fast become a hub for high performance startups thanks to a growing culture of creativity and innovation and the support of events like the Startup Gathering. The Importance of Startups in Ireland Startups […]