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Beast from the East: Using The Cloud to Work From Home Wednesday 28th February is a day most commuters and businesses won’t forget in a hurry! Met Éireann and the Office of Emergency Planning announced, Ned Stark style, that “Winter Is Coming” in the form of the Beast from the East and Storm Emma with […]

The nightmare of transport system strikes is upon us again, striking when everything is getting back to normal after summer holidays. While many support the workers striking for fairer conditions it still doesn’t ease the nuisance of a disrupted commute. What is creating more havoc is the amount of strike action proposed by Dublin Bus: […]

A cloud phone system is a fully functional telephone solution hosted entirely in the cloud, so no phone lines are required, just an internet connection. The phone numbers associated with a cloud phone system are not tied to an exchange, in layman’s terms this means your phone number is not tied to your physical location, like […]

The primary objective of every business is to make money. This task becomes even more challenging when a business’ two primary methods of engaging with customers – online and the phone – are not up to scratch. Many businesses remain loyal to packages and don’t switch business broadband providers, they stay with ones that don’t […]