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Beast from the East: Using The Cloud to Work From Home Wednesday 28th February is a day most commuters and businesses won’t forget in a hurry! Met Éireann and the Office of Emergency Planning announced, Ned Stark style, that “Winter Is Coming” in the form of the Beast from the East and Storm Emma with […]

It’s easy to think your business won’t be targeted by cybercriminals; you have anti-virus, spam filters and network firewall in place. Plus all your IT guy is recommending is a sonic wall and you’ll get around to that someday soon. However the landscape has changed. You’re operating in a cloud based world on multiple devices […]

Stuart Borgman Director of Cyber Security Engineering for Palo Alto Networks will be exploring the evolution of cybercrime, fingerprinting attackers and more at the Cyber Security Briefing on June 15th in The Aviva Stadium. Register now to attend Magnet’s Cyber Security Briefing for free, book early as places are limited, breakfast included. The Roots of Cybercrime […]