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Many factors play into the broadband speed you’re getting; the type of broadband you have purchased, the provider, how close you are to an exchange, your devices and the software settings on your PC or phone. Here’s a list of changes that you can make that could improve your broadband speed. 1. Control Bandwidth Hogging […]

The primary objective of every business is to make money. This task becomes even more challenging when a business’ two primary methods of engaging with customers – online and the phone – are not up to scratch. Many businesses remain loyal to packages and don’t switch business broadband providers, they stay with ones that don’t […]

Fibre Broadband is… Fibre broadband is an incredibly fast type of broadband. While the majority of broadband connections in Ireland use mobile networks or telephone lines, fibre broadband uses fibre optic cables to carry data at extremely high speeds.  A fibre optic cable is thinner than a human hair! Benefits of Fibre Broadband: The speeds offered […]

Magnet is one of the only broadband providers in Ireland not to charge an exit fee when a customer leaves their service. Magnet’s ‘No Contract’ deals mean customers sign up on a month to month basis. We’re the only broadband provider in Ireland to offer this. Customers are free to leave at any time without […]