Future Plastics

Future Plastics

The Company

Future Plastics is a leading plastic manufacturing company based in Leixlip, Co. Kildare.

For over 10 years they have been designing, developing and manufacturing bespoke plastics items for companies all over Ireland and the UK. A design-led company, Future Plastics are experts at producing visually appealing point of sale solutions that are placed in retail environments to effectively draw attention to and sell the products of big name brands such as Unilever and Mars.

The Evolution

As times changed, the company decided it was time to evolve in order to thrive.

They were POS experts; but the market was seasonal, and they wanted to expand their business model. So, to create a more consistent demand for their services, they began utilising their manufacturing facilities to make high tolerance engineering components such as parts for forklifts, freezers, ambulances and windmills.

The Challenge

The team soon realised that an updated business model called for updated IT infrastructure – their old phone system had reached its limit. Initially, they company was looking at huge up-front capital costs of up to 20k to get the ball rolling – a steep investment for any company. With this problem in mind, CEO Gary Foley approached Magnet for a solution.

The Solution

Magnet devised a plan for the company that would not offer only the capacity they needed, increased efficiency and an array of features that were previously unavailable – but would require no capital expenditure.
With this innovative new system came a whole host of advanced features for the company to utilise. While this may have been daunting, Magnet ensured that all the staff at Future Plastics were trained on the features of the system before they started working with it – making sure the business hit the ground running.

One of Gary’s personal favourite features is the unique Magnet Voice smartphone app, which allows users to make calls from their mobile as if from their desk phone, anywhere in the world. For Gary, this is invaluable when working abroad – it means business doesn’t have to stop when he’s not in the office – work can continue seamlessly anywhere, anytime; “When I’m abroad on business I find the mobile app fantastic. I can make and take calls as if I never left the office. Roaming charges are a thing of the past!“.

The Future

Like many in Ireland, Future Plastics have weathered some tough challenges in recent years. However, thanks to their determination, resilience and willingness to adapt, the outlook is now more positive than ever.

As Gary puts it:
There will be obstacles along the way no doubt, but it’s nice to know that the phone system won’t be one of them.