Corporate IP Transit

Service Description

Corporate Internet from Magnet Business is a high-speed internet access product capable of supporting the most demanding of IP Transit requirements. Magnet Business connects directly to its corporate customers over direct fibre optic connections ensuring a smooth upgrade to higher speeds as their business requirements grow.

Features & Benefits

High Quality Resilient Internet Access: The highest levels of resilience have been built into our network to enable it to be bigger, better, stronger and faster. The entire network is designed , monitored and controlled by our qualified network operations and development teams.

High Speed Access: Magnet Business connects to its corporate customers via its high capacity fibre optic network and can provide speeds from 1Mb to 1Gb

Standard Connectivity: Magnet uses a standard connection (Ethernet) to connect it’s customers to the internet. These connections reduce the cost to our customers. Whether it’s a 1Mb or a 1Gb connection, the customer plugs into the same port and we take care of the speed setting.

Easy Upgrade Options: The provision of customer connections on Ethernet allows Magnet to upgrade connections remotely via our central management systems. There is no additional cabling, configuration or equipment required at the customer premises

Service level agreement: All corporate services come with a very stringent Service Level Agreement providing for minimum guarantees on service availability. Other areas covered by the Agreement are: Commitments to implementation of service, maximum latency figures and 24×7 monitoring and finally easy and cost affective upgrade options.

BGP4 Routing: Magnet can provide you with a full BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) feed, or alternatively peer with you if you have your own IP address space. This option requires a more detailed design than a standard connection.