Download speeds of up to 100Mb and upload speeds of up to 20Mb are available now – Need more? Request a quote and we can build a dedicated data connection to suit your need whether you have big data or a big staff number. Business customer support team & service delivery staff. Static IP addressing to enable VPNs, host FTP and email servers. Superfast data transfer speeds.

Ultra-fast Fibre Broadband for Business custom builds or ready built 100Mb Business Broadband available now. Get a quote today or call 1800 819 888

– You may need a hand with your service so we have created a detailed support centre on this website to help you. We also have an extended-hours support call centre to handle any questions.

– Call enabled phone available.
– Managed service with enhanced SLA available.

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Key Points

  • Up to 100Mb
  • Magnet Business Fibre
  • Managed Broadband 24/7 Available
  • Symmetric Speeds Available
  • Enhanced SLAs
  • Irish data centre
  • Customised Solution Design Available
  • Dedicated Account Manager


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