Protect your network and empower your employees by giving them safe access to the applications they need to help your business succeed.

Nowadays, companies are available to their customers 24/7, which is great for productivity however, this can pose serious risk to your customer data, IT infrastructure and most importantly your business reputation. Magnet Protect, built on the world’s leading security platform Palo Alto Networks, it’s the ultimate protection for your business.

Next Generation Firewall

Powered by Palo Alto Networks this solution delivers a firewall that’s been designed from the ground-up to be truly application aware giving you control you need to apply your own security policy. Magnet Protect removes the need for ‘blanket bins’ and allows you to give role based and time based access to applications.

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Key Points

  • Malware Blocked.
  • Anti-Virus included.
  • Security alerts automated.
  • Advises employees of potentially malicious webpages.
  • Receive risk reports showing:
    • Top threats including blocked malware, spyware, viruses – as well as any potential malicious activity.
  • Detect application usage.
  • Identify user activity.
  • Receive usage reports showing:
    • Top applications/programmes on the network.
  • View real-time bandwidth meter.
  • Optimise Bandwidth by prioritising business critical applications.

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