When we say superfast, we mean it. Magnet is now delivering the fastest broadband in Ireland to the tune of up to 350Mbps.

Magnet’s unparalleled Business Fibre 350 makes your online office experience seamless with instant page loads, lightning fast downloads and upload speeds of up to 80Mb – that’s 4 times faster than Eircom’s eFibre!

Your fibre connection is secured with 4 lines, meaning that if something happens with one you can still rely on the other three so it’s always available. Business Fibre 350 is completely uncongested with no sharing.

If you need a hand with your service, we have created a detailed support centre to help you, and Magnet’s world class support staff are a just a phone call away – now with extended hours!

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Key Points

  • Fastest broadband in Ireland.
  • Download speeds of up to 350Mb.
  • Upload speeds of up to 80Mb.
  • World-class business customer support team.
  • Completely uncongested: no sharing.
  • Superior reliability.

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