Magnet Protect Launched at Cyber Security Briefing

Outsmarting hackers and hi-tech criminals that mine computer networks for financial gain is no easy task and Irish SMEs have never been more vulnerable to cyber threats. The frequency of cyberattacks against Irish businesses has risen from 25% in 2012 to 44% currently, considerably higher than the global average of 32%; and associated cost has jumped too.

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“We see ransomware, data breaches, identity theft and fraud on a regular basis in Ireland, and, while the assumption is that major global business is a prime target, the fact now is that hackers are largely opportunistic and go after the easiest targets first”, Mark Kellett of Magnet says.

To highlight this growing threat towards businesses a Cyber Security Briefing was held in the Aviva Stadium on June 15th with speakers including; Pat Moran, Head of Cybercrime & IT Forensics, PWC, Stuart Borgman, Director of Cyber Security Engineering EMEA, Palo Alto Networks and Mark Fielding, CEO, ISME.

At the event Magnet launched Magnet Protect; a powerful and comprehensive defence against cyber security threat powered by Palo Alto Networks. Palo Alto Networks are a five time consecutive Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Firewalls. The next-generation security company has more than 30,000 customers in over 140 countries, across multiple industries and Magnet Protect is a major step forward for Irish SMEs in tackling the growing threat of cybercrime and its potentially devastating impacts.

What is Magnet Protect?

Offering three protection plan options, starting from €25 per month, Magnet Protect is the first affordable solution of its kind in Ireland.  It combines protection against ransomware and other advanced cyber threats, with full visibility of all internet usage on a per-user basis, and bespoke web application control, as well as complete management and central updating by security experts.

The state-of-the-art next-generation security platform addresses crucial technology and network vulnerabilities prevalent in Ireland, namely legacy technologies, over reliance on anti-virus software, the cloud, and having multiple remote ‘gadgets’ and locations all linked into one network.

Designed from the ground-up and truly application aware, the entry-level Magnet Protect security protection blocks known malware and malicious URL access and protects against viruses, worms, trojans and spyware downloads across the network.  Weekly application visibility reports and threat reports are provided.

On top of this, the advanced Magnet Protect Pro level, costing €100 per month, also alerts on unknown zero-day malware, blocks URLs by category, and provides protection for up to 15 users on remote access and mobile devices.  Custom reports are provided on all application use and threats, identifying user activity and live traffic, and providing SSL decryption.  There is full web application control with URL filtering and the ability to restrict web applications too.

As a broadband provider Magnet is in a critical position to help protect businesses from cyberattacks, before they even enter a network, CEO Mark Kellett says, adding that the integrated security platform is a crucial safety layer that won’t disrupt normal business or inconvenience employees.

“This next generation firewall is fully customisable so there can be role-based and time-based access to applications, limiting high-risk features and removing any threats from desired traffic.

With Palo Alto Networks behind it, Magnet Protect has the right intelligence, at the right time, to defeat cyber criminals.

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