Magnet Broadens Regional Coverage with 5 Year Enet Deal

Magnet has signed a seven-figure deal with the national network provider Enet to increase its network capacity for better broadband speeds. The five year backhaul deal will help Magnet increase its high-speed broadband in Ireland’s major hubs outside Dublin, particularly Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford and Portlaoise.

Magnet Access 100GB Circuits in Enet’s Backhaul Network

Magnet will now have access to 100GB circuits on Enet’s backhaul network with the option to acquire additional capacity in the future if it looks to expand into new towns. The backhaul capacity will help Magnet to include Enet in the provision of services for customers and will compliment what is already available.

Businesses’ Increased Appetite for Cloud Services a Key Driver

Enet’s next generation backhaul network will see end-to-end fibre connections provided directly to businesses and homes, enhancing Magnet’s ability to offer superfast fibre broadband services. This move will enable business customers to take advantage of cloud based services and other options in the digital marketplace.

Magnet’s Head of Product, James Canty, says that the move is continuing the firm’s focus on helping regional businesses grow. “Magnet are committed to helping businesses in the regions grow by offering not just great connectivity, but also through our voice and unified comms platform, our managed Wi-Fi and LAN services, our security and threat management services. Regional business customers adopting cloud services need help bridging the digital divide. The Magnet Regional Business Barometer in 2015 and 2016 showcased the difference and the appetitive for cloud adoption in the regions.”

2016 Magnet Regional Business Barometer Regions Adopting Cloud

“This additional network capacity will have a very positive impact on the speed and efficiency of services for our customers.”

Enet part of Government’s National Broadband Plan

Last month Enet demonstrated its 1 gigabit-per second fibre power broadband network in North Kerry as part of the Government’s National Broadband Plan (NBP). The NBP is a state-funded incentive that looks to connect areas unserved by commercial broadband operators with high-speed connections.

Enet’s Chief Executive, Conal Henry, said that the deal is adding to the firm’s commitment to serving all licensed Irish telecom service providers.

“Our continued investment in fibre infrastructure in both backhaul and within the metropolitan area network towns has given service providers a wealth of choice and opportunities when it comes to delivering the very best services to their customers,” he said.

Mr Henry continued, saying that the newly serviced areas will have access to ‘wholly reliable’ broadband.